Ozark Red Devons raises and sells quality Devon cattle. As one of the oldest beef breeds in existence today, Devon cattle are prized for their high-quality genetics, gentle temperament and longevity. Known as “Red Rubies”, the demand for Devon cattle and Devon-cross cattle continues to increase. Devons make excellent cattle for crossbreeding as they have many good attributes to help overcome weaknesses in other breeds.

Our ranch is located on the Missouri and Arkansas line, just south of Branson. All of our cattle are naturally raised, never receive any growth or supplemental hormones, and are fed only a grass-fed diet. Devons make an excellent choice for grass-fed production thanks to the breed’s hardiness and grazing-ability. This results in superior “white tablecloth” beef quality.

Let Ozark Red Devons help you make your herd more profitable with high-quality Devon cattle.